Peace of Mind Energetic Dowsing

If you’d asked me what I thought dowsing was even 10 yrs. ago, I have 2 visuals that come to mind – that of a person standing with a forked stick, looking for a spot to drill and find water, and a Ouija board. Although both of those scenarios are indeed “dowsing,” I have come to realize that it is so much more.

A few years ago, I attended our semi-annual Psychic Fair. Having arrived early, I walked by a group that was just finishing their setup; it was the Dowsing Society of Kansas City's table. I slowed down to look, and the gentleman asked me if I’d ever used a pendulum. I said no, but I was familiar with the concept - and right then and there, he handed me a pendulum and told me to ask it to show me my “yes" and my “no” answer. It worked right off the bat and I started getting answers to questions right away. I ended up buying a pendulum at that fair, came home, printed out A Letter to Robin (this is a free PDF available on the web, and is a great dowsing "primer"), and tried to sit down and dowse for myself. 

 Well, I wasn't sure if what I was getting was “right”, I doubted myself and thought it was sort of silly to keep asking about things I already knew the answer to. I never really sat down and tried to put a dowsing program in place, got too busy with other things, and I eventually put the pendulum away and didn't pick it back up for another year.

A couple more years go by, and I had an animal communicator talk with my cat. One of the final things she said was that she “cleared Phineas’ root chakra using a red crystal.” An email friendship grew between us, and I asked her how she had cleared his chakra, and she told me she worked with a pendulum! This intrigued me, as it was not a facet of basic dowsing I was familiar with. Through my friend Pam - a very gifted animal communicator, among other things (see her website, here), I also learned about people like Eric Dowsett and Raymon Grace, both of whom she’d taken classes and seminars with. I never knew you could use a pendulum to clear something – I wasn't really even sure what that meant, but I was intrigued.

After reading a book by Raymon Grace, I was consumed with wanting to know more of the way he dowsed - and I heard that he was giving a class in a town near where I live. So I took his 2 day seminar, where I finally found the focus point for all this energy I had floating around, and didn't know what to do with!

Now I am beginning a new venture in addition to my jewelry creations - clearing and energetically shifting energy for others.  From a daily dowsing scan - that non-dowsers can use as an affirmation, to clearing people, places and things (clearing land is my specialty, because I have such a great love for it!) - the Universe continues to match me up with clients that can feel the energy shifting - and I love sharing what I do. I believe that there are no barriers to dowsing. I like to say - "Anywhere, Any when - time and space are no object...Fly me to the moon and I will clear it for you!"

I once heard it said that in life, there are no teachers and there are no students – you simply meet people that remind you of what you already know… I am here to remind you of your own power – it’s your job to step into it.

If you would like to contact me for some personal energetic dowsing, whether it is for yourself or your property, here is what I can offer you.

  • For an onsite session within a 30 mile (roundtrip) driving distance of my location, the charge is $50 for 60 minutes.  For each mile over 30, there is a $1/mile additional charge.

  • For a remote session by phone, skype or google hangout, the charge is $1/min.  Feel free to contact me with any questions that you may have, and I will be happy to answer and set something up for you.