About Me

stuff about sandy
I am divinely inspired to design one of a kind jewelry pieces using semi-precious stones...let me ROCK YOUR WORLD!


As a dowsing intuitive, I connect with my higher self and the Universe to assist you in identifying things in your life which can be energetically transformed for a smoother ride on your journey and path.
Dowsing comes in many varieties; my favorite is what I refer to as Energetic Dowsing.  Using my pendulum in this way, I can do much more than obtain a yes or no answer.  The energy and frequency of people, places, pets and things can be measured - then adjusted to the highest appropriate level.  Negative energies and frequencies can be neutralized and scarmbled; the spirit of love, harmony, joy, happiness and prosperity can be dowsed/added into your energy field, just to name a few.  Ever wondered why you don't get along with someone?  Perhaps the compatibility of your spirit guides need rasising?