Friday, February 5, 2016

#28toMake - Boosting the Creativity Level of Your Soul...

I decided to join in the #28toMake Creativity Challenge. It's perfect for me because you are only going up against yourself, and that's always been the best fit for me!

I played catch up all day yesterday, and finally bit the bullet and joined Instagram. Oh my, what a place...and the possibilities for me seem endless!

So I will post the 4 drawings that I did yesterday to catch up, then try to post each one daily as I go...

My grade school art class consisted of one hour a week, when a teacher came in for one or two days and taught art for each grade level/class. It was at that young age, I decided I could never be an artist because I couldn't draw as good as the best child in the class. And I know the teacher meant well - it's just that the amount of attention (look at what so and so drew - see how they did this...and that...and so on) that was paid to someone who could "really draw" only made me feel for years that it was most definitely the one thing I could NOT do!

Luckily, I found that drawing was not all there was to proclaiming yourself an artist, and slowly but surely I found other outlets, different mediums, and claimed my talent. A talent which is always morphing, but most importantly - always growing!

Enjoy my journey with me, or better yet sign up at and come along for the ride yourself!

Day 1 was "Draw Your beverage" I absolutely love this new coldbrew/tea infuser bottle I recently got - I love filling it with loose tea and cold water for a delicious drink that you can extend for all day!

Day 2 was "Draw a Houseplant"
My lovely Plumeria plant finally gave me over 2 dozen blooms late summer thru early fall, up until November when I finally had to bring it indoors. Once inside the house, it lost one leaf after another until it was the equivalent of bald. Right now it is very slowly beginning to leaf out again - one tiny bud at a time... So in a sense, I drew a "stick' plant, but I thought I got the foil that we keep on it to discourage our cats from digging pretty well pegged, don't you think? :-)

Day 3 was "Draw Your Favorite Album Cover." I have many favorites, so out of them I chose what I thought might be the easiest to draw. Yes, not really, HA! But still, I had fun doing it, and it made me remember the first time I heard my favorite song on there.
It was Labor Day Sunday, and I was listening to Night Tides, an NPR Sunday night program filled with esoteric music. They played Part I & II of a track called "Calling The Lama from Afar." In my mind's eye, I immediately went to a Tibetan location, where a shepherd watched over his herd of Llamas. Not until I ultimately looked for and purchased the CD, did I realize that what I heard, was not exactly what had been meant... I chuckled for quite a while every time I told that story!

And Day 4 (which was Feb. 4th) the assignment was to "Draw What's in Your Bag." Well! I didn't want to dump my purse out and draw everything in there, nor did I want to use my camera bag for this - too many things and I would have gotten lost in the detail (a fairly frequent occurrence with many things in my life!) So I thought and thought...what else do I keep in a bag? I immediately thought of my Native American Wooden Flute - which I always keep protected from the sunlight in its bag, and knew what I was going to attempt for this challenge...

So there you have it, and maybe this is just the thing to keep my creativity flowing in a lot of areas in my life - including the writing of this blog!

I hope you enjoyed my little artistic attempts at drawing - this was the best way for me to get out of that box and see what else I had inside me! Have a great day, and look within for your own creativity and motivate yourself!