Monday, January 4, 2016

A Bottle of Poisson...

A long time ago, in a galaxy a couple of states away, I made raspberry liqueur...

We were living in Wisconsin and a friend of mine down the street was growing the raspberries. She had made some, and when I expressed my interest in doing the same, she gave me the fruit and the 
bottle and the recipe: 

  • one quart fresh raspberries
  • one quart sugar, and 
  • one quart vodka. 

I gathered the ingredients, mixed them all together, and after the appropriate "aging" time, I tasted it. It was truly awful, like the worst red cough syrup you have ever had in your life. But it was so pretty, sitting in it's fishy wine bottle, bright ruby red (and I'd probably spent an entire $10 or less on a bottle of vodka) so it became a decoration on my mantel for the next several years.

"Vintage" Liqueur, distilled 1994?

Today was the day I started prepping the walls of my living room for a paint job, and as any good prepper knows, the first step is cleaning the walls and trim work from accumulated dust, especially the drywall dust from the recent repairs. So I was vacuuming the mantel, and my eye strayed to the infamous and long-standing bottle of Raspberry Liqueur....have I also mentioned that I am on a real kick to start clearing my accumulated stuff out of the house? Well, I am - and without further hesitation, this bottle jumped onto the list!

Yes, I'd made up my mind it was going to go, but we are recyclers and I would first have to pry the aging cork out and dump the contents of the bottle down the sink. Well, pry is perhaps not quite the word I want here...because it sort of crumbled more than anything else. And then, just because I had to, I smelled it.

Oh my. I think it's aged to 200% proof, and that's just from the smell alone. I'm not even going to try and taste it, but if I had any paint to peel...oh wait, that's right - I do! 

Happy New Year - may all your fish be poisson, and not the other way around!