Sunday, July 28, 2013

Divining Time

A few months ago I was contacted by a woman who wanted me to dowse her house that had been on the market for some time.  It was beautifully appointed and the grounds were a landscaper's dream - but there seemed to be little interest from buyers, in a market that has rapidly been picking up speed.  They had already moved out and were living in their new house, so we made arrangements to meet at the house they were trying to sell.

When I talk to a prospective client, I have learned to pay attention to all those thoughts and feelings that pop up - those same ones I used to rapidly push aside as "just coincidence."  I have a notebook that I use to write their name, phone number, address and concerns.  I also make notes of any thoughts, feelings or ideas that come to my mind while I'm talking with them.  These days, I know to honor my first thought, and follow through with it - because it's how I "get" things.  And I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I'm receiving that information from my higher self.  I always have, I just had to learn to trust that I was.

This time, after I hung up with my client (and even before I had seen the house) I got a strong urge to dowse for an actual date that the house would be sold.  I was rather surprised, because I don't consider myself that type of dowser - I don't feel very comfortable giving people solid dates about things, I'm much better at shifting energy.  Still, because the thought came to me I trusted it and immediately picked up my pendulum and started asking questions.  "Will my client's house sell in the next three weeks?"  No.  "The next 4 weeks?"  No.  "The next 7 weeks?"  When I got to 7 weeks, it swung to Yes very quickly.  So I looked at the calender, saw what 7 weeks from that day was, and changed my questions to ask for a specific date.  Once again, I got confirmation.  I remember at the time I thought, "what the heck!" - and wrote it down with my notes.

The day of our meeting arrived, and I drove out and met my client at the house that was for sale.  I like to get a feel of the energy of the place, and let things come to me, and as we walked around, I continued to wait for signs as to what the house wanted me to do.  That really should have been my first clue - although it's not always about what the house wants - sometimes it's the land, or something else that comes up, but as I completed my tour, something told me to dowse and find out how much of the "soul" of the house was actually in the house.  Once again, that's more along the lines of something I would normally dowse for a person, but I have learned that it is best not to argue with my (higher) self!

I have said to many people that I am so fortunate, because the Universe continues to match me with clients that feel energy in much the same way I do - so that when I am shifting energy, we usually both feel it.  As we stood in the kitchen that day and I shifted the soul of the house back into the house, we both felt the waves of energy "showering" over us.  It was a rather beautiful experience, and I love receiving validation like that.  Up to that point in time, I hadn't been sure if I was going to mention the date that I had dowsed for the sale of the house.  But once again, something had been set in motion and I knew I had to pass it on - for better or for worse - and I told her what I'd done and the date I had got.  Being very intuitive herself, my client looked at me, nodded, and said "that sounds about right."  The session ended soon after, and as I left she told me she would let me know when the house sold.  I came home and put it out of my mind - after all, it was 7 whole weeks away, and if I was supposed to know, I trusted I would hear about it!

Three weeks ago, I got the most wonderful email.

Hi Sandy,I wanted to give you an update on the sale of our old house.
After you dowsed and returned the energy of the house on May 23, we received a contingent offer on June 15.
That would be about three weeks later...;) You're awesome!
You had mentioned to me that the house would be sold on July 6th.
The people who made the offer on our old house needed to sell theirs first.They cleaned, moved out extra furniture, painted, installed new ceiling, etc. so their home could be placed on the market.
These repairs took three weeks. (they were going at full speed)
Yesterday, their house went live on the market with an open house.  Several people wanted to see the home.
Within a few hours, they had an offer on their home, over listing price; sold on July 6th.
This in turn, sold our house to them, on July 6th.
Therefore, you are a fantastic dowswer!!!

And therefore, Divining Time = DivineTiming!
Have I mentioned how much I love to dowse???