Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Peace of Mind Jewelry

Some of the many gemstone bracelets available
 Whether it is Beaded, Beading or Wire-wrapped, when it comes to stones and crystals I love them - and they know it!  They bring me peace of mind by their true nature; and my appreciation and recognition of them amplifies their vibration for you when you add one of my creations to your personal collection.

 No matter what type of jewelry I am making, a good foundation must come first.  I use the highest quality beading wire (Softflex), and sterling silver crimp beads, headpins and ear wires, unless otherwise stated (I  love working in copper and brass metals also).  Then comes the inspiration, in all its variety - and before long my workshop looks exactly like what it's been through - a design frenzy! All designs are my own, and one of a kind (OOAK).
3-strand w/glass snail focal bead
Although I work primarily with semi-precious stones, I also enjoy doing off-loom seed bead weaving. These are pieces that have my love of sewing in them.  I come from a long line of women who, between four generations on the planet at one time, covered just about every needle art there is.  I think seed-beading combines several of these techniques together, and I find it very easy to believe my grandmother and
Peyote Bracelet in Triangle Seed Beads
great-grandmother are looking over my shoulder (quite proud of the fact that I remembered what I was taught) when I finish one of these pieces!

Brazilian Quartz in Sterling Silver
Wire-wrapping currently represents the smallest percentage of my 'in-store stock.' Each piece is not only a labor of love (as they all are), but a different and intense type of focus for me.  Sometimes it takes a while for the stone to tell me how it wants to be wrapped.  I have dug many clear quartz crystal in Hot Springs, AR, and enjoy making wraps that are truly unique and 'organic.' At other times (with both the quartz I have found and the many other stones and cabochons in my collection), it will jump right out at me -that's when I feel my best work occurs!

I also make Custom Jewelry, and greatly enjoy meeting or talking with a client to get a feel for what is desired.  Drop me a line if you have something in mind we could co-create.

***Coming Soon:  Pages of Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings and Beadwork - all available to buy with Paypal.***

For a quick preview of some Necklaces, see my You Tube videos here and here.  Please enjoy the views until I get my online store up and running.  Until then, thank you so much for visiting!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Peace of Mind Energetic Dowsing

If you’d asked me what I thought dowsing was even 10 yrs. ago, I have 2 visuals that come to mind – that of a person standing with a forked stick, looking for a spot to drill and find water, and a Ouija board. Although both of those scenarios are indeed “dowsing,” I have come to realize that it is so much more.

A few years ago, I attended our semi-annual Psychic Fair. Having arrived early, I walked by a group that was just finishing their setup; it was the Dowsing Society of Kansas City's table. I slowed down to look, and the gentleman asked me if I’d ever used a pendulum. I said no, but I was familiar with the concept - and right then and there, he handed me a pendulum and told me to ask it to show me my “yes" and my “no” answer. It worked right off the bat and I started getting answers to questions right away. I ended up buying a pendulum at that fair, came home, printed out A Letter to Robin
 (this is a free PDF available on the web, and is a great dowsing "primer") and tried to sit down and dowse for myself. Well, I wasn't sure if what I was getting was “right”, I doubted myself and thought it was sort of silly to keep asking about things I already knew the answer to. I never really sat down and tried to put a dowsing program in place, got too busy with other things, and I eventually put the pendulum away and didn't pick it back up for another year.

A couple more years go by, and I am having an animal communicator talk with my cat. One of the final things she said was that she “cleared Phineas’ root chakra using a red crystal.”

An email friendship grew between us, and I asked her how she had cleared his chakra, and she told me she worked with a pendulum! This intrigued me, as it was not a facet of basic dowsing I was familiar with. Through my friend Pam - a very gifted animal communicator, among other things (see her website, here), I also learned about people like Eric Dowsett and Raymon Grace, both of whom she’d taken classes and seminars with. I never knew you could use a pendulum to clear something – I wasn't really even sure what that meant, but I wanted to find out.

After reading a book by Raymon Grace, I was consumed with wanting to know more of the way he dowsed - and I heard that he was giving a class in a town near where I live. So I took his 2 day seminar, where I finally found the focus point for all this energy I had floating around, and didn't know what to do with!

Now I am beginning a new venture in addition to my jewelry creations - clearing and energetically shifting energy for others.  From a daily dowsing scan - that non-dowsers can use as an affirmation, to clearing people, places and things (clearing land is my specialty, because I have such a great love for it!) - the Universe continues to match me up with clients that can feel the energy shifting - and I love sharing what I do. I believe that there are no barriers to dowsing. I like to say - "Anywhere, Any when - time and space are no object...Fly me to the moon and I will clear it for you!"

I once heard it said that in life, there are no teachers and there are no students – you simply meet people that remind you of what you already know… I am here to remind you of your own power – it’s your job to step into it.

To order your own dowsing/clearing session, go to my pagePeace of Mind Energetic Dowsing, for more info.