Monday, January 16, 2012


It's official - there is no where to go but forward, and so I begin again.  And at the risk of being late to the 2012 trough, there really IS no the NOW to do it in!  So I offer to you my mental musings of all things Nature-al and Spiritual, in the hopes that a harmonious chord will sound for you, and perhaps propel you further onward and upward in your own spiritual quest and connections.

For many years I've described my thinking brain as the proverbial mental Pinball Game - every time the flipper hits the ball, I am off on another subject.  Allow me, please, to relay the following story in the hopes that this may assist you in following and reading my writing...

     Many years ago, I was friends with a woman whose daughter was diagnosed ADD.  I not only have a son with it, but I was also given the same label (Hey - you use what works for when you need it!).  One time I was over at Mary's house one evening while her sister from out of state was visiting.  We chatted for about an hour, then I left.  A few days later, after her sister had gone home, we got together and she shared her sister's reaction to our conversation.  Mary told me that after I left, her sister turns to her and says, "Oh my GOD, Mary - how can you stand listening to her?  She talked about so many things - I was lost!"  Mary looks at her sister, and says, "You just have to know how Sandy talks - She'll bring up one thing, talk for a bit - then a 2nd topic, and so on - but if you listen, you will find that eventually she goes back...and finishes up that 1st thing, then completes the 2nd topic - until all those stories have an ending!"

     My friend moved away quite a number of years ago, and like many things, the communication between us dwindled and has stopped.  However, I will never forget the lovely, positive example she gave me to keep - forever and ever - that made me feel like maybe I had a special quality instead of a "special need".

So if you read my musings, you will find a mish-mash when it comes to subject matter - always at an esoteric level, but with humor, more often than not - but if you'll give me that "chance", I'll always come back to finish up my story...and don't be afraid to ask me if you don't see it!